Director - Robert Hollingworth

'Flaming Heart'

Bredgade 28, Copenhagen

Sunday November 12, 2006, 8pm

Director and continuo: Robert Hollingworth

Anna Crookes, Carys Lane - sopranos
Clare Wilkinson - mezzo-soprano
Nicholas Hurndall Smith, Nicholas Mulroy - tenors
Matthew Brook - baritone
Giles Underwood - bass

Eligio Quintiero - theorbe

Joy Smith - harp

& Baroque Fever:
Peter Spissky & Bjarte Eike - violins
Allan Rasmussen - harpsichord
Thomas Pitt - cello


Longe da te cor mio (Il quarto libro de’madrigali, 1603)
Prologo - La Musica (L’Orfeo, 1607)
Ardo avvampo (Madrigali Guerrieri, 1638)
Chiome d’oro (Concerto, 1619)
E cosi a poco a poco (Il quinto libro de’madrigali, 1605)
Dario Castello: Sonata decima (Libro secondo, 1629) - Baroque Fever
Ballo - Tirsi e Clori (Concerto, 1619)


Batto qui pianse (Il sesto libro de’madrigali, 1614)
Ohime dov’e il mio ben (Concerto, 1619)
Dario Castello: Sonata Duodecima (Libro secondo, 1629) - Baroque Fever
Incenerite spoglie (Il sesto libro de’madrigali, 1614)
Hor che’l ciel e la terra (Madrigali Guerrieri, 1638)

I Fagiolini's new programme, Flaming Heart, (also a series of 3 CDs for Chandos) is the next step in their exploration of Claudio Monteverdi, following on from The Full Monteverdi, acclaimed worldwide as one of the most innovative productions for vocal ensemble ever.

The press wrote about The Full Monteverdi:

".. in awe of the performance. Under the ultra-discreet musical direction of Robert Hollingworth the singers gave a seamless account of the music despite being ranged far apart and entirely scoreless. A compelling but upsetting piece of theatre. A bleak but brilliant evening."
The Times

"To feel the physicality of the music - the lacerating dissonances and the consoling resolutions - with such immediacy made this an unforgettable experience." 
The Guardian

"Music theatre hardly comes more visceral than this.  It's one of those bright ideas that might be a complete nightmare in practice.  Unexpectedly it succeeds; cleverly, amusingly, above all musically." 
The Independent

[To see a video clip from The Full Monteverdi, go to]

In the prologue to Monteverdi's L'Orfeo, La Musica tells how she can "infiammar le piu gelate menti" – "inflame the most frozen hearts". This ability to move the listener is surely what makes Monteverdi stand head and shoulders over his contemporaries. 

Flaming Heart brings together the rich variety of Monteverdi's secular music from a capella madrigals to intimate duets and grander works with strings.

Flaming Heart had its premiere at the Spitalfields Festival in June 2006.
Read the reviews in The Times and The Guardian.