Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival is Scandinavias new large international festival for early music. The festival is organized within the framework of the national Renæssance Year 2006, and with the festival Musica Antiqua in Brugge as artistic inspiration and "role model".

The festival wants to:
- show the width and quality of the danish professional early music scene
- introduce leading international musicians and ensembles to the danish audience
- bring new inspiration and competence through masterclasses and workshops
- bring new knowledge on renaissance music
- stimulate the interest for early music in Denmark in general

This years festival runs as a concert series in Copenhagen with a total of 15 concerts in the period October 22 - November 26. Leading names are the english vocal ensembles I Fagiolini and The Tallis Scholars, the italian ensemble Tetraktys, the danish/argentine soprano Maria Cristina Kiehr and the norwegian harpsichord player Ketil Haugsand.

The concerts takes place at The Odd Fellow Palace, Christiansborgs Castle Church, Sankt Ansgar Church, Garnison Church, Holmens Church, Sankt Johannes Church, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Medical Museion, The Copenhagen City Museum and LiteraturHaus.

Tickets can be bought both at the door and through the ticket service Billetnet. The price level is between 50 and 150 dkk per concert. A limited number of partout cards can also be bought directly from the festivals website.

Apart from the concerts, a series of masterclasses is planned in collaboration with DKDM with some of Europe's leading musicians in the field: Jill Feldman (us), Kees Boeke (nl), Ketil Haugsand (no), Robert Hollingworth (uk), Janice Santos and Michael Spengler (de). The target group for the masterclasses are professional and semi-professional musicians, students and avanced amateurs with interest in early music.

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival is arrangered by and supported by a number of major foundations and institutions.

The festival gennemføres in collaboration with Musica Ficta, DKDM and Denmarks Radio.

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival is a new bi-annual event. Next festival is scheduled for October 2008.

updated October 20, 2006